Just A Little Eyemusing

So dear Francis wanted me to write up a post about myself. I’ll let this video speak for itself:

If there is anything that you should really know about me, is that I don’t take myself too seriously. If you didn’t take that away from the video I just posted, then perhaps you should watch the second video I uploaded to my YouTube Channel.

Anyway, I suppose I am what Francis would call a “socialite.” Honestly, I believe real socialites have trust funds – but in contrast to the “geek world,” I guess that is what I am (albeit poor). I like to spend most of my time out in the real world, dancing at indie/disco/edm nights or meeting up w/friends to do whatever the hell it is my friends and I like to do. Most of geeky traits from my past have vanished, and I am left with only tendencies and obsessions that I hide in my closet behind the socially acceptable obsessions: fashion and music.

So this is where the light bulb clicks in and you realize that I was brought onto this project to help w/character design. The villainesses needed a fashionable look, and with my background in fashion and style (yes they are two different things) it was only natural for Francis to ask me for assistance. I think it also helps that I kind of relate to these “bad girls.” It’s not that I want to eliminate the world of nerd culture, I’ve just had my share of experiences.

So that’s it. If you want to know more about actual work that I do, you can check out my website www.oheyemusing.com or you can just follow my Tumblr. I post my character design concepts there.

– Eileen

PS If you must know what I geek out on, it’s Disney, Matt Groening, social media, and gadgets.

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