Martial arts and Me

I consider myself to be a Mixed Martial Artist.  Now, I’m not as big, cut, or as juiced up as someone like “Rampage” Jackson, “Bones” Jones, or even Wanderlei Silva.  But I do have the passion for the martial arts.

Ever since I was 15, I’ve been involved in the martial arts in some way, shape, or form.  I started off with classic olympic-style Taekwondo, eventually getting my black belt.  I guess it was there that I gained a knack for striking, and it remains my forte to this day.  In college, it was Judo and Wing Chun Kung-Fu.  I gained some ground and takedown techniques, plus I picked up some striking concepts.  Last, I wound up learning Boxing and Muay Thai.  Those two are definitely the most demanding and brutal out of all the martial arts I’ve taken.  They demand rigorous training and conditioning, and your utmost respect.  The second you don’t respect either art, you wind up on the canvas not knowing where the fuck you are.

What does this have to do with the upcoming relaunch of “Strawberry Scented Burnout”?  A lot, actually.  The manga will draw a lot from my martial art experiences, and I plan on keeping things as accurate as I can…well, to a point anyway.  (It is a manga, after all).


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