QUAKE WITH FEAR! or Jealousy

So by a show of hands, how many of you have watched Ronin Warriors or in Japan Yoroiden Samurai Troopers at any at any point in your life? I personally was a huge fan of the series. I always wondered what Armor I would don If I were an actual Ronin Warrior. What would be my Virtue? Wisdome? Loyalty? All those questions ran through my mind until the day I saw this sexy beast of armor! I would be “MF Justin of Vanity” and yeah I know Vanity is not a Virtue (no shit) My weapon would be a loot bag with a dollar sign on it. I would scream Bank Roll Pummel! no not good? how about this one…Gold Coin CRUSHER!…I digress. check the Armor made by Chanel.   
Artist Tetsuya Noguchi has created a concept samurai armor suit designed to appeal to the fashion-conscious warrior. The crafted protective suits sport the iconic double-C logo, allowing the wearer to flaunt his superior social status while crushing the enemy on the battlefied

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