Just Around the Corner: 5&A Dime

5&a Dime from EQ Culture on Vimeo.

For the past couple of years, I have been working w/the store 5&A Dime. Many of my friends would ask me what that store was and what it was about – some people even thought it was a bar because we have monthly parties where booze is usually present. To be honest, the 5D store and family is something I only recently got to know. I, like many of my other friends, initially turned away because we thought their steeze was all about Filipinos and dance crews. When I walked in two years ago, it was way more than that.

First off, I found out the owner was white. I didn’t necessarily expect Filipino – but I certainly was not thinking white! That was surprise one. Second surprise was that 5&A Dime was actually cool. Not only is everyone chill there, w/a crazy sense of humor that is in the style of my own family, but their aesthetics and interests were nothing short of… and I hate using this word again, cool. That’s the best word to describe walking into the store and seeing all their products.

I’ve been helping w/their marketing and public relations (I even interviewed Ellen Wong for them – there is an awesome pic of her w/a mustache pillow floating about somewhere) and I can tell you that they are a mix bag just like Team Mixed Nuts. It’s skate culture, hip hop, a little old timey, w/a dash of nerdiness (they love Comic Con and sell vinyl toys in addition to mens contemporary apparel).

I’m quite proud of 5D, even if they frustrate me sometimes. But watching this video makes me feel all tingly to be a part of something that feels so genuine. I am sure many of you have at least stopped by the shop at least once, but even if you have – linger a little longer and get to know everyone. I promise, everyone is chill. Even if you’re weird.

– Eileen

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