500 Days of Summer = Guy Movie

I will try to right this blog without any spoilers (though the movie is like two years old but anyway). Judging by the trailer and the premise of the movie it seems like a total girl movie no? How wrong you are sir/madam. This movie is one of the rare few movies where it shows a love story from a guy’s point of view. Not of some billionaire playboy, action hero , super hero etc etc. It is about a regular guy who falls in love with a girl and the ups and downs of dating and falling in love. You might be wondering why is a guy blogging about such a thing. It is because this is the movie i have related the most in my life EVER. I am not a movie buff but I have can quote a vast number of movies and love movies and this one stands above them all.

Guys/Girls can relate to this movie on either Tom (main character) and summer (main girl character) and be able to defend both people and their actions. That is what makes this movie great, it opens up that dialogue of asking “why do guys/girls think that way” and “HOLY shit i can relate to that”. As i stated i fall in the in the i can relate to that. I do not shy away from that fact, hell I am going through everything he is right now.

If there is one quote from the movie that i fully believe in it is…”You know what sucks? Realizing that everything you believe in is complete and utter bullshit”. That is how i feel right now about dating/relationships/girls and what not. Sometimes you gotta say fuck it, walk away and just move on and forget. Easier said then fucking done.


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