Anime Conji 2012 – from behind the Convention Operations door

It’s finally over.  My first convention as a Volunteer Coordinator.  And while Justin demands that I do my write-up of anime conji now…there really isn’t much I can say.  Well, I’ll try, at least.  

Shitty backpacks, crazy cosplayers, hentai panels over the radio, stormy weather, Dong Dong Never Die, Bronies, Pegasisters, Artists, dispatching volunteers, shifting events, an invisible program grid where panels and shit would pop up out of nowhere, and in the middle of all that madness, was a volunteer coordinator running through this chaos. The other coordinator kept everything running smoothly from behind the scenes. 

That pretty much sums up anime conji for me.  Besides the other staff members that dedicated so much time to this event, there are a few key people that I need to thank.

Gail – my volunteer co-coordinator.  She was the brains, I was the brawn.  Without Gail, none of the volunteer corps would’ve been able to do much of anything.  
Ferris – Besides contributing to this site, my little brother helped me out with registration duties and schmoozing with his APO volunteers.
Ivan and Edward – Two of our homies from the San Diego Asian Film Festival, they helped Gail check people in and out of the convention.  They also helped out as volunteers when needed.
Andrew – Got shit done.  No joke.
Wesley -Sat at the reg table selling t-shirts.

Oh yeah, we also had a panel about Webcomics!  Here’s who participated.

Beau, Eileen, Justin, Mochi, and myself.  Hopefully Mochi took some awesome pictures. 

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