Anime Conji 2012

I’m a little slow on the uptake, but I’ll get over it…

Anyway, Anime Conji was this past weekend. I was surprised that half of Team Mixed Nuts was staff for the convention…and I was only a program participant… I had to laugh when I somehow got enlisted as a volunteer, but that was short lived as the person requesting volunteers only need one person. Despite the ridiculous weather (and almost getting swept off my feet from the strong winds), I managed to take a few pics of cosplayers from around the dealer’s room and the registration area. Check it out…

More pictures to follow…

On Sunday, members of Team Mixed Nuts (myself included) were part of the web comics panel that was moderated by Hector, the con chair himself.

All went well, but I usually hate having to speak in front of a crowd (I think my voice reflected that).

Next post, more pics… Until then, I have to dump over 32 GB of data off of my brother’s camera… (>_<);;

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