Eye of the Camera

So from day one I have been a complete unabashed fan of the form of literary expression known as the comic. I’m not one of those Simpsons comic book guy look alikes that lines up at the shop door every Wednesday to pick up the newest title, and I haven’t followed faithfully through any series in quite a long time. When it comes to love however, there is none greater. Ever since I was little it was the art that kept me coming back again and again. Everything from Howard the Duck to the The Walking Dead. Anyway, I got into a little discussion with some friends concerning this years comic con and some stuff I was reading and came to realize how I havent discussed the world of tights and absurdly sized biceps on the SSB blog yet. not anime. not manga. but COMICS. and don’t try to argue semantics with me, you know damn well there’s a difference!
Time to make reparations. So for the first time in a long time I’m following an entire regularly published, recent series from the good folks over at Marvel. While looking for some Street Fighter blind boxes at my local comics n stuff, the owner engaged me in some conversation about some books he was looking to re-order. I asked him if he had Marvels in stock, and of course he said no. However, the no didn’t end there. As it turns out, Marvels (Which is quite possibly my favorite comic of all time, yes all-time. Even House of M stands threatened.), was continued back in 08 with a a six part series from original writer Kurt Busiek and art from Jay Anacleto. (where the hell was I?) Now I’ll admit when I heard that the god-father himself Alex Ross didn’t do the art for the new series I was skeptical but thank the lord on high-these issues do no disappoint.
For those who don’t want to hear all of this endless tom-foolery about the technical details I’ll put it to you this way. Anacleto does an amazing job channeling the original direction Ross set out with for the first Marvels series. It will strike you right off the bat how distinct and life like this style of illustration is. Couple that with the writing that made Marvels so amazing in the first place and you have a recipe for success. This book makes “super-hereos” as real as possible.

I realize for those of you who could care less about comics and come here to see music reviews or fashion posts that this was more or less a confusing pile of non-essential garbage. But at the end of the day it is all so necessary. Maybe I should go do something manly and street to regain my cred. And quick. I’m going to listen some Wu Tang while I watch sports center and do push ups now.


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