Me and Heather

So it would seem I have somewhat of an unhealthy obsession with heather gray. The infamous fabric material has probably been on your very own back on more than one occasion whether it be a mandatory gym uniform in middle school with your schools name pasted proudly across the front in some Serif type set or if you have bought any number of Supreme, Dior, or Givenchy pieces. remarkably almost all of which are released in some sort of heather gray whether it be Ash, Salt and Pepper, Eco, or Charcoal.I have encountered hate for the color in the past, for some people it may awaken repressed memories of being stuffed in gym lockers as a young student but I cast all of these doubts to the side. Without a doubt my favorite color/option purchase, heather gray offers the perfect balances between neutrality and a touch of off base-ness. It sure isn’t white, but it definitely isn’t as definitive as black either. Something about that speckled nonsense keeps bringing me back for more.
Sorry to rant about something like t-shirt materials for the whole post but it’s all so necessary!  eyemusing and myself will be designing SSB tees in the very near future. So get your moms credit cards and start saving all your birthday money kiddos!

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