Gateway 1/2

ok ok so get this, A redheaded girl and a panda run through the rainy streets of Tokyo. They arrive at the home of the Tendo family, and seek shelter. The redheaded girl, reveals that her father had arranged an engagement with one of the three Tendo girls.
Some confusion and one hot bath later, Ranma reveals that she is actually Saotome Ranma, cursed to turn into a girl whenever doused in cold water. Likewise, the panda is Ranma’s father, Genma. Cue the transgender martial arts comedy!

So my love for the Ranma series and Anime started in the 3rd grade. Back then I was living in the small town called Lemoore. I spent my days going to school then going outside to make believe that my friends and I were G.I. Joe’s. We would all pretend closet hangers were guns and shoot imaginary lasers and miss each other just like the cartoon. Anyway my sister comes home from school one day with a tape she borrowed from her friend. I sat down with her and the first episode of Ranma 1/2.  It was love at first sight… 

[so here’s how you know Ranma 1/2 is so amazing and ahead of its time. ALL the characters in the Anime’s opening are SHUFFLING! see for yourself]

The entire concept of Ranma was mind blowing to me. The animation, the story, the fighting, the humor, the characters, that earnest slice of life that comes from a group of people living together and sharing vague stories that sometimes involve punching and kicking people. After Ranma I lost all love for American animation and became a full fledged Anime nerd.

oh and it was also the first anime/cartoon that i’ve seen that showed boobies…yup


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