Rebellion + Sleigh Bells

On Tuesday the members of Team Mixed Nuts decided to meet and discuss things. Sadly I could not attend this meeting because I am a girl made up of calendars. You must schedule things w/me at least 1-2 weeks in advance. So what was I doing? Working and self-branding. But who wants to know about that really? Hashtag, boring! OK, maybe you do want to know… and maybe later. Cause I’m sure everyone at some point wants to know why I was basically naked in the middle of a field, right? In due time, due time.

Right now all I know is that I am supposed to be doing a couple posts: 1) My breakout manga and/or anime 2.) Something about Prada and Final Fantasy (insert plug to read the fashion site I am COO of – where many found out about the collabo). But you know what? I’m in a rebellious mood and I am rather exhausted from several restless days w/o an end in sight.

Instead I am going to tell you about what I did after my nakedness in a field: I went to a show. That night I saw Sleigh Bells – and this was the first time I was ACTUALLY seeing them. Every time I tried to catch one of their sets, I missed it. Missed them when they were in SD the first time. Missed them Coachella 2010 because of the stupid new changes to tickets/wristbands and I was outside in the line just to get in. Couldn’t find parking when they opened up for LCD Soundsystem at Hollywood Bowl, so by the time my friend and I got to the turnstiles – they were playing their last song “Tell ‘Em.” SORTA got to see them Coachella 2011 but from a far distance in the beer garden cause we were hungry and wanted booze. So last night? Last night I finally got to be mashed up against bodies and thrashing in sweat w/Alex getting all up in everyone’s faces – then dousing us with her bottled water.

This was the show that made me realize, well fuck. I’m not a teen anymore. But it was still super fun! So now I leave you w/their live performance of “Infinity Guitars” at this year’s SXSW. TBH, this live is waaaay better than their recorded. Also, next time I shall stand in the back and get drunk while the kids can thrash dance in the front.

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