The different side of SSB: Jenn w/ 2 n’s!

It has been an interesting ride being a part of this group. You may begin to ask yourself why I would say that? Over the past 3+ years my good friend Jay had been working to develop not only this comic, but his own personal life itself. After him and his long time girlfriend has split, Jay came to me to figure out how to pick up the pieces in his life and mend friendships that had been “lost.” The simple advice I gave him was to move on and don’t hold on to the past. We all know that break ups aren’t easy, but this was no match for his upbeat personality. Within a few weeks, or possibly months, Jay pitched the idea of starting up a comic. Ultimately if one thing was “lost” during that relationship is was his otaku side (per Jay’s explanation).

Moving on to the start of the comic… I didn’t really see myself being a part of this group, since I don’t really know much about the anime world. I was the girl that was the mystery reader/co-editor of SSB. ACTUALLY, I still am the mystery girl to the most current group. After a whole year, I actually agreed to meeting with the rest of the clan before going on my girls night out. Primped and ready to go out, I meet with them to discuss future plans for the comic. Little did I know that the people I was meeting were ones that I wouldn’t see post introduction. There have been several changes to the comic and the staff, that we are getting closer to a set group of writers and artist.

NOW, lets talk about the artist. Where to begin?! To be honest with you, I’m really not sure who the first artist was, or the 2nd for the matter. All I can say is that the ones in the past weren’t exactly taking initiative, and possibly the other had taken too much initiative to make things happen. Most people would think that taking initiative is a positive thing, but there is a point where some become overbearing and down right controlling. As unfortunate as it was that we had to switch artist several times, there is definitely lots to look forward to in the coming months. I would say that Jay, has been more than flexible with the changes that this comic and group has been going through. That aside, the growing support and interest that we have built will lead us to better opportunities for this comic later.

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