What was my gateway anime…?

So… There’s a theme going around this week with members of TMN asking what your gateway anime was. In other words, what anime got me started watching the goodness that comes from the land of the rising sun.

In all honesty, it’s really difficult to choose just one, as it was the Sci-Fi channel (now known as SyFy) that introduced me to anime in general. It was the early 90s and Sci-Fi decided to have a week long showing of anime…and it continued into the late 90s…

Akira, Robot Carnival, Project A-ko, Tenchi Muyo, and Dominion: Tank Police are some of what got my interest started in anime. From there, it was whatever came on the television. So, I’m definitely familiar with Sailor Moon, Dragon Ball Z, Samurai Pizza Cats, Ronin Warriors…and even Magic Knight Rayearth (despite having to watch it on a channel broadcasting from Mexico…and I don’t even know Spanish…).

Though most of my exposure to anime originated from television, the internet came along and…well…more exposure ensued…and with it came the eventual proliferation of my interest…

Of course, anime was not what started my interest in animation… It was from watching American cartoons that my interest got started from. Anime just added to it.

I’ll save the American cartoons for another blog…

Until then, I leave everyone with a question. I’m curious if anyone will be able to answer it…

What is the first anime I ever watched…? (Hint: I was in elementary school when it was airing on television.)

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