Sometimes, on certain days, the internet just doesn’t get to be a part of my life. Today was one of those days. I often feel like I’m betraying the family out there if I go a few days without a post but I hope you can understand that quite simply, some days it just doesn’t happen. The internet has become such a huge part of people’s lives these days it’s staggering to step back and notice. If someone isn’t at home, watching TV on their computer, Twittering and chatting on AIM, than they are out and about while Twittering from their phone and checking sites through their phone. It’s an inescapable thing that opens so many doors but really changes your day when you have to be connected at all hours. With that being said, I am taking another vacation from the internet today and throwing together this slightly lazy but still classic post featuring a few videos that have been on rotation on my iPhone and Laptop.

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