CHA-LA HEAD CHA-LA!! oh hey…sorry about that. So I noticed that my cousin and friends have all decided to plaster their wall with  Dragon Ball videos and i’ve been watching them ALL while I should be doing something that at least resembled work done. Now I would love to sit here and make a lazy ass post about my favorite DBZ episodes but, I doubt any of you would sit here for hours waiting for Goku to get enough spirit from people and living organisms for the Genki Dama. btw, you’re welcome…

Do any of you wish they remade DBZ? and instead of orange and blue outfits they were dressed like total HYPEBEASTS? no? really? guess that’s just me…Check out ‘Human Aliens‘ designs. Here Goten, Trunks, and Gotenks are sporting brands like Bape, Jordan, Adidas, Polo, and Original Fake…Check those Yeezy’s on Trunk’s feet. dope

Speaking of wishing. Check this kid out…

I like this kid but a part of me feels bad, because I sort of see a past version of myself in this kid: the escapist, I have no friends, the internet is the only place that accepts me parts. But on the other hand: bahahahaha. What a nimrod! I like Dragon Ball Z too, even though Mr. Popo made me pretty uncomfortable, but I’m pretty sure I never ripped my shirt off my emaciated sad sack torso and screamed bloody murder trying to go super saiyan in my bedroom.

 There is a high probability that this is not real, but I’m just going to disregard that and continue to know that, no matter what, this dude’s day was probably way worse than mine. With 90,000 views and counting, this dude “The Secreted” himself into fame alright, but it wasn’t for saving the world from Vegeta. It was for looking like a dingus. Thanks internet.


  1. I see that several poelpe commenting are completely missing the point But in the spirit of things, I shall address Zuch’s post;Apparently you don’t know what a role model actually is. Goten’s role models would have been exactly the same regardless of who his father was. Goku could NOT have been a role model, because he wasn’t there. Goten’s primary role model would have been Gohan, in which case his child-like innocence is easily explained, even though he is Yamcha’s son.Also, your point about everybody being surprised about Gohan also fails. The fact that everybody was surprised reinforces the fact that none of them believes that Goku has a sex drive. It also doesn’t prove that Goku was actually the father. The only reason that we know Gohan was the son of a Saiyan is that he had a tail. And transformed into King Kong.Trunks is probably Yamcha’s son as well, and Just in Beaver’s argument establishes the case that Bra is Yamcha’s daughter. The jury is still out on who Pan’s father is, but Krillin can rest easy Marron is definitely his daughter. The nose (or lack thereof) is the giveaway.The transformation issue is a puzzle, but in itself it doesn’t prove anything. For the sake of argument we could say that the ability to transform to a Super level is actually a result of how powerful a person’s parent is. At the time Yamcha conceived Goten and Trunks he was already one of the strongest humans who ever lived.There are only two facts that we can be certain of:1) Goten and Trunks can transform to a state resembling Super Saiyan2) Yamcha is definitely Goten’s father, and probably Trunks’ father as well.Everything else is nothing but speculation!

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