AKB0048 – They gave AKB48 an animé? WHAT.

So you’re AKB48, Japan’s biggest and possibly greatest pop group ever (though fans of Morning Musume would beg to differ).  You’ve released a bunch of overly cheery J-pop songs that ooze saccharine.  The songs are so sweet that they induce cavities within 10 seconds of listening.  You hold theater performances every couple days.  What’s next?

You get Shoji Kawamori to make you into an anime, that’s what.  Yes, that’s right, Mr. Macross himself is directing an AKB48 anime.  I shit you not, ladies and gentlemen.  And you know what?  I’m actually psyched to watch it.  Can you imagine if it’s actually set IN THE MACROSS UNIVERSE?!  OOOOOOOOOOHHH YEAHHH!!

SM Entertainment, are you listening?  You’d better make a Girls’ Generation anime where they’re in a hot springs inn and they all fall in love with their manager.  AKB48’s got the lead here, and they’ve already called the space opera setting.  Your move.

Oh yeah, we of Team Mixed Nuts want to wish our friend Lester  a very happy birthday.  He’s one of the bloggers from rhythmemotion.net.  So give him his birthday punches. 🙂

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