Number 2 pencils sharpened.  A thin film of Eraser dust covers the workspace.  A never ending, and ever changing playlist of epic battle music carries through the background.  Classes and work more or less being left to the wayside.  The same t-shirt starts to see more than a few days of wear in a row.  Inspiration starts flowing from the strangest places…it’s here…

Four SSB artists are after the Title and bragging rights in today’s “Battle Royale”. All four artists were given the task to draw a certain character from the comic AND, if i may add. One of SSB’s more Dashing members of the group. The winner is determined by YOUR votes. (Poll’s close NEXT Friday at noon 5/11/12) 

Introducing the Artists

  • First. Fresh out of Gotham City University where he Majored in Poly Sci but he minored in LOVE!!! BRUZEWAAAAYNE

  • Next. He’s a proud Leo and a Horrible Dancer! JAAAAAAAAAN!!!

  • Next. Hailing from Tijuana Mexico, He doesn’t speak a lick of English, but we still love him…BNMOOTIIIIVE!!!

  • And finally. The new blood in the SSB family, He makes beats and once ate 20 hot dogs in an hour. JINXHAAAAAAAND!!! 

Now Ladies and Gents, you’ve seen what the Team can do and it’s all on YOU now. VOTE! and make sure your favorite wins…VOTE! VOTE! VOTE! VOTE! VOTE! VOTE! VOTE! VOTE! VOTE!

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