Crossing Over.

Normally, I’m a full manga/anime otaku.  I don’t usually touch on ‘murrican comics ‘cuz I leave that stuff to Bruze and Negatron.  However, this weekend was different.

First off, I saw “The Avengers”.  And by God was it a brilliant movie.  It had everything you’d want in a comic book movie.  And it had that “superheroes with problems” vibe that Marvel was so famous for back then.  That’s what set Marvel apart from DC back then.  It was a tad grittier and more realistic.

The movie was bloody awesome.  I LOVED EVERY MINUTE OF IT.  CHRIS EVANS IS HANDSOME.  At the end of the movie, I was filled with a genuine hope that the human spirit can conquer any challenge just as long as people work together towards a common goal.  And Chris Evans is handsome.  Watch it in 3d, so you can see how handsome he is.

Second, I’m playing Ultimate Marvel vs. Capcom 3.  I used the Avengers.  Captain America, Iron Man, and Thor  (Though I probably should’ve used Hawkeye).  I learned that I can only really use Captain America.  I need to work on my Iron Man and Thor game.  Otherwise, I’ll stick to my pro-Capcom team of Wesker, Akuma, and Deadpool(because how did anyone enjoy those games without him in ’em?).

Third…. I want Marvel and Udon comics to team up to create a new Marvel Universe based out of Marvel vs Capcom 3.  Not 2.  3.  MvC2 was just “OH HAY LETS THROW IN A BUNCH OF CHARACTERS INTO A BLENDER AND SEE WHAT HAPPENS WITHOUT ANY CREATIVE WRITING DIRECTION FROM MARVEL.”  Marvel vs Capcom 3 had more Marvel input and man is it awesome.  I love the endings, short as they are.  Character specific and they actually feel related to the story!  LIKE THEY’RE SUPPOSED TO!  I would totally read the fuck out of a new comic series based on Marvel vs Capcom 3.  The one issue that they put on UMvC3 ISN’T ENOUGH!  I DEMAND MOAR!

So why the subject of crossing over?  It’s simple.  You should always branch out and not be afraid of trying out new things.  I enjoy both ‘murrican comics and Japanese manga.  Cross over!

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