I have always wondered why people look up to super heroes, musicians or even athletes for inspiration. Then one day I finally found that person who i could look up to and think to myself “wow, I want to….NO I need to be like that”. Michael Jordan nah…to common, Kobe….to wholesome (then anyway)…CR7..Cristiano Ronaldo dos Santos Aveiro came to my life. He was the embodiment of what I aspire to be, the top of his profession but does with flair and theater while showing a middle finger to the haters in the process. He has been criticized for not being a team player, show-off, crybaby etc etc..If i was the highest paid footballer and my top 25 ex gf list is your DREAM LIST..then yes.

But what I truly do admire is his courage when the world is watching is that he never changes, never waivers under the pressure or the scrutiny. We should all strive to be like that with a pop collared, juking out defenders and scoring wonder goals while counting checks. Just be yourself through it all and believe you can do it…oh and if you have haters  well CR7 said it best.



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