Crossing Over #2

People were on a Street Fighter X Tekken binge a while back.  Not exactly my cup of tea, but I digress.  That wasn’t the first time Namco and Capcom have crossed paths with each other.  Take a look at this clip from the RPG “Namco X Capcom” (pronounced Namco cross Capcom, because they’re so edgy and cool in Japan).

If you can name ALL of the Namco characters used, then you are a bonafide otaku and you need some sunlight.  I can name only a fraction of them, and even then I’m not sure they’re accurate.  There’s Stahn and Rutee from Tales of Destiny, Mitsurugi and Taki from the Soul series, Klonoa, Jin Kazama…..

I don’t know why Capcom has so much beef with other franchises.  They’re always starting shit with other companies.  Like SNK.

Or even Tatsunoko.

If you can name all the Tatsunoko characters used, you are some sort of otaku deity and you really need to get laid.  Seriously.  There’s Ken the Eagle and Jun the Swan from Gatchaman, Casshern….um….shit.  WHERE ARE THE SAMURAI PIZZA CATS?!



4 thoughts on “Crossing Over #2

  1. Namco X Capcom was so great. This SfxT on the other hand is– well words can’t describe it honestly.

    Capcom is always trying to do something with other companies though. It’s all about money and exposure though. I think they’re rushing things too much and not making quality products though, so their plan backfires and that’s another discussion altogether.


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