WAIT! WE’RE HERE NOW…Don’t leave

Busy? Sure. Swamped with work? Without a doubt. A little lazy? Probably some of that as well. All of that contributed a fair deal but at the end of the day friends, the whole drive to hop on the horse here and get to business has been seriously lacking. I’m not going to go into my whole dictation on the state of the blog world again, we’ve heard that about 4 times too many as it is, but I will say that WE are never going to give up on blogging. The webcomic and experience we have planned will be a new inspiration to really take this whole form to a new plateau which inherently will result in me actually wanting to do posts multiple times a day. When I feel like I’m stuck in a rut it gets difficult to feel inspired to post, the ability to innovate and feel like I’m bringing some new to the table is what really brings me back at the end of the day.
So on that note, I appreciate your guy’s patience for rocking with the blog through these days of literary and visual abstinence. In the mean time through this somewhat dry spell I give you a photo dump from one of Team Mixed Nuts random get togethers…

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