Mushroom Kings…huh?

What the hell is that gold thing? Guile? ok so now there’s a doll house. nope thats a real building…Tanks now. wait Sub Zero?…are they on Rainbow Road from Mario Cart!? What the shit!? I’m confused. Maybe Guile and his army invade a town owned by Bison and free a golden calve which contains the power of pandora (SFVT)…i dont know. I do know that we can all agree that Street Fighter is the coolest right? That’s a big HYFR or Hell Ya Fuckin Right to you lames. NY based animator Jonathan Monoghan is no stranger to this knowledge either: as shown in his animated short Sacrifice of the Mushroom Kings. Jonathan re-purposes Street Fighter IV character models and Super Mario iconography to produce some haunting and bewitching results. At the moment, it seems that only a few clips exist online, but I just couldn’t resist sharing this any longer. I always knew M. Bison had big plans for all that Shadaloo money: no amount of Hadoukens can stop an army of 80 ft. golden calves.

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