SCE Press Conference at E3

So, I joined in on the Niconico live stream of the conference about 45 minutes late (and it seems I didn’t miss too much). I’ll just briefly go over what I saw and my thoughts on them…

* Wonderbook – A book that, along with the PlayStation Eye, can display augmented reality. Book of Spells, which is related to the Harry Potter series, was used to demo the item and even learn how to cast some spells. I can see this having great potential for children’s books in a family oriented setting, but for the more avid gamers, this may not be something worthwhile.

* God of War: Ascension – Is it me, or does it seem like it’s the same type of game play found in the first three God of War games? While there are new elements to the game play, I just have this notion that it’ll be the same linear progression, brutal slice and dice that the franchise is known for. It did get quite a reaction from the audience. Me? Not so much… I have to admit though, it is fun having Kratos wreak havoc. The game is expected to release March 12, 2013. Did I mention this is a prequel…?

* PlayStation Mobile (formerly known as PlayStation Suite) – An interesting endeavor from Sony to bring the PlayStation brand to mobile consumers. It looks like they’ll be teaming up with HTC to get this off the ground and running. Hopefully, more details about this will come to light soon. For now, all I can say is I hope they do it right…

* Far Cry 3: They added a 4 player multi-player mode.

* The Last of Us – This game piqued my curiosity the most. The game play for the demo was quite interesting. Naughty Dog may have a success with this one…

Other notables include Little Bit Planet Karting, which looks to be a fun racing game. Also, Sony now has their own version of Super Smash Bros., which involves characters from a lot of Sony titles. Though the concept is nothing new, I’d probably have plenty of fun bashing the hell out of other Sony characters using Kratos…

Though Sony had a good showing, how will it compare to Nintendo’s conference…? Stay tuned as we find out tomorrow!

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