Concept Art for “Strawberry Scented Burnout”

Jenn’s probably gonna kill me for posting this.  Oh well.  I had a good run.

When “Strawberry Scented Burnout” had its second run, I contacted a local artist who just happened to be Ferris’ friends from college.  She’s also one of the bloggers for  Her name’s Mylene, and she’s one of the dopest artists I’ve ever met.

Originally, I planned on getting some t-shirts printed with her designs, but the fashion division of our crew said that it was too…”convention-y” and “hypebeast”.  Either way, they’re still cute pictures.

Jenny was clad in a white long-sleeve shirt and shimapan panties for the first run. I can’t remember why…. And yes, that is the Jay character below her.

Ever the SNSD fanboy, Jared isn’t afraid to express his love for the girls. Charlie’s got his blazer all ready.

Sooo….like what you see?


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