The Ghost of Katie

Shhh! A glimpse into what I’ve done before I show the guys! Only because they’re sleeping LOL. Anyway, this is technically two concepts I have for the character Katie. I was told she was a kind of a guy’s guy, a big sister, very normal apparel wise, and very much like Jay. That’s why I gave her sweats and low top Chucks. But then I read Beau’s description of her. Yes she is like Jay and is an Otaku – but Beau saw her a little as geek chic. He had a sketch of her in a skirt – sitting on a cloud. So I gave her a skirt, poofy and a little on the J-Rock side – esp paired w/the knee-high Chucks. I can see either look working for her, but I prefer the skirt because the poofiness reminds me of a cloud. She’s supposed to be dead, so when she is not sitting on a cloud somewhere, I imagine her clothes to be a bit floaty.

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