Negatron’s Broken Joystick: Power Stone

Oh holy crap! did I pour an insane amount of hours into this game. Why? because it delivered a coherent and endless entertaining fighting mechanic that was truly novel, maintaining the essence of a 2D fighter and seamlessly adapting it to a 3D arena. I actually had two long periods of play with this game, an initial one upon it (and it’s sequel’s) releases, then a renaissance if you will throughout high school and college.

A party game par excellence, Power Stone features great characters who have relatively simple fighting styles, but the variety is introduced in the levels and items. Opening up the player space as they did, including multiple levels and interactive objects, was outrageously invigorating. More than any other discontinued fighting franchise this game is just purely so damn fun to play. I would love for them to make a new one, but i doubt it…WAY TO GO CAPCOM!


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