Dawson and I are sooooo sorry…

I feel like I’ve betrayed the family or something.  It’s like I was an integral part of some cult in the mid-west that worshiped sporks and a week ago I stood up and said, “Spoons are supreme!,” and have since been banished from the camp grounds.  Well, perhaps maybe not that extreme of an example but you more or less feel where I’m coming from.  I left the loyal readers waiting in vain in my absolute best Bob Marley impression and for that my friends I truly apologize.So now I have to come back to my familiar post, but this time on bent knee asking the humble followers for their forgiveness with wilted roses, mostly sincere apologies, and big things SSB things on the horizon.

On that note, I’m back until the next impromptu vacation and back to wreck some havoc.

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