I asked one of our artists (Bruze Wayne) to do a write up about this like 2 months ago…needless to say he dropped the ball on this one…way to go buddy! 

With The Dark Knight Rises out theatres, the massive amount of Batman titles that were relaunched with The New 52, I’ve been thinking a lot about the Caped Crusader. Thumbing through some of the new Batman comics, it struck! my what a good job that various writers have done with the various incarnations of the Boy Wonder, and how all of them still figure heavily and effectively into the Batman story. There is, of course, the OG, Dick Grayson, the first and most basically iconic Robin. But has he perhaps become more well known as the very strong character Nightwing?

Then there is Jason Todd, the at first beloved and then later loathed replacement for Master Grayson, who was famously voted into death at the hands of the Joker by the American public in Death In the Family. He has, however, returned in full force as Red Hood, and is a major part of Under the Red Hood, one of the best recent Batman Projects. Or maybe you’re more into the charismatic brainiac Tim Drake, who was ward for over 20 years and is now Red Robin. Let’s not forget the “Spoiler” and daughter of the Cluemaster Stephanie Brown. For all you fans of 13 year old school girls we have Carrie Kelley and finally we have the current Robin, Batman and Talia Al-Ghul’s borderline sociopath teenage son Damian Wayne. All great, but you know how this game works. The game is simple. I pick the candidates. you choose the winner. it’s so simple.

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