S.S. Burnout: Tae Kwon Do

There comes a time for growth, there comes a time for change, and there comes a time to completely smack the world over the head with something no one saw coming. You guys have been the loyal faithful and the dedicated followers. It’s high time that WE (Team Mixed Nuts) return the love and provide you guys with an outlet like none other. Tomorrow- the first issue of  our side project- Strawberry Scented burnout: Tae Kwon Do, will be featured in the brand new issue of the Korea Daily! these are exciting times for the team. Be sure to pick up your copy!  Consider yourself well read.  Be excited my brethren.

What i’m about to show you is TOP SECRET! so keep this on the low low…here is the FIRST unofficial cover of SSB:TKD…

it. is. so. beautiful.

Big Boss Man Twitch decided to put ME on the first issue EVER. What can I say, except I desserve it. thank you very much. I love you all…

edit: Man, Handsome Justin gets a cover and I don’t.  Boo.

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