Unicorn Kid Needs U

You know that type of morning where you wake up wrapped around your Japanese Dakimakura Love Pillow, bathed in pools of rave lights and then wander out into an anonymous metropolis while incorporeal hands claw at your face and reality is repeatedly punctured by incursions of flashing psychedelia and translucent avatars of video game characters? You don’t? Then you guys have clearly never eaten Long John Silver’s just before going to bed.

Anyway, here’s the new video for Unicorn Kid’s exultant track “Need U” and as I’m sure you gleaned from the feeble attempt at description above, this clip has all of the intensely trippy visuals to stand up to the track. Part Enter The Void, part Scott Pilgrim, part Hype Williams, and all Unicorn Kid. U need this video…maybe?

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