Versus!  We’re going to pit two things together and we’re going to decide who comes out on top!

Let’s see who we’ve got in our corners.

Fighting out of the red corner, from Tokyo, Japan in the year 2000, we have a Renai Revolution 21-era MORNING MUSUME!

thank you jpopcdcovers!

And in the blue corner, we have fighting out of Seoul, Korea, the current queens of the K-pop world, Girls’ Generation!

Shit just got real.

The rules are simple.  In this non-championship bout, there will be three rounds of five minutes each. Fighters will be scored based on octagon control, aggressive striking, effective takedowns, and moe/aegyo prowess.  Winners of a round will get 10 points, losers will get nine or less.

So readers, it’s time for you to sound off.  Either on our facebook page or in our poll, who do you think would come out on top?  A year 2000 Morning Musume, or Girls’ Generation?

One thought on “Versus!

  1. It’s not even a damn question. OLD SCHOOL MORNING MUSUME FOR THE MUTHAFUKKIN WIN. Love Machine is still one of the best cutesy, done by a bunch of young girls, make me look like a pedobear songs ever.

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