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“Weird Al” Yankovic, the comedic writer, actor and musical satirist, is known for a style all his own — even in the shirts he wears. Yankovic has now opted to wear one of his favorite Hawaiian shirts permanently, as sources have confirmed that he had the design tattooed on his chest and torso.

The Internet went into a frenzy after Yankovic’s unusual move was revealed. Some say it is a parody on the image of celebrity, poking fun at those who become what the public expects of them. Others say it’s a sign that “Weird Al” has finally crossed over into insanity after years of creative lunacy. His public relations head has a different take.

“He just likes Hawaiian shirts,” said George Newman, Yankovic’s spokesman. Newman had no further comment when confronted by reporters.

Rumors in circulation also include Yankovic’s next album having an all-tattoo theme. Yankovic previously broached the…

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  1. Aloha Shirts, commonly called Hawaiian Shirts, originated in Hawaii back in 30’s. They represent the beach manner however are getting progressively common as everyday casual wear everywhere the world, even changing into the most textile export of Hawaii.

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