Someone actually ate the Rally’s Asada Fries!

Yesterday I made that card.  It was just me being random again….but damn.  Someone actually made Rally’s Asada Fries.  Abe, currently on hiatus from, decided to make the Rally’s Asada Fries on his own.  A lesser man would’ve been crushed by the weight of the task (and the food), but he persevered and TRIUMPHED!  I had the chance to interview him immediately afterward(before the food coma)

– HOLY SHIT LADIES AND GENTLEMEN!  SOMEONE ACTUALLY FOLLOWED ONE OF MY SUGGESTIONS ONLINE!!  So, the rally’s asada fries, were they awesome, or were they AWESOME?
Double awesome! It was nothing but salty, meaty goodness!
-Preliminary reports suggested that the taste of the rally’s fries would overpower the carne asada mixture, and vice versa.  How did everything taste?
That report holds true. It was like a power struggle of flavor between the Rally’s fries and the Carne Asada. I found that with enough Carne Asada, one can achieve a flavor balance. Overall, it was amazing!
-You’ve just climbed the culinary Mt. Everest.  How do you feel?
I feel good. I’m waiting for the crash that comes with eating such a meal. All you foodies know what I’m talking about.
-Where did you get your carne asada fixin’s?  I’m going to assume you got the fries from Rally’s, ‘cuz, y’know, the bag said “Rally’s” on it.
I got the Carne Asada Fries from Jilberto’s. It’s my local shop. Gotta show some love. I know, you all have your local preference and people are gonna knock me for not using Lolita’s fries but that’s ok.
-What are you going to do next?
I’m gonna thank Twitchy and everyone on that thread who made this idea possible. Then I’m probably gonna nap and write an article about my experience. I encourage you foodies to go out there and get your own! Round 2 will be coming in about a month.
And as a reminder, the 2nd issue of SSB:Taekwondo is due out in a couple weeks, along with the September issue of the Korea Daily magazine.  😀
Follow-up: Abe tells his side of the story.  With pictures!! 

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