We men are the fine wines of life.

When people compare women to wine…I tend to disagree. So disclaimer..I am not trying to be sexist or derogatory but this just how i see the aging process. Please leave all hater comments in the comment sections and I might or might not reply to you. Thanks.

So I feel we men are the real wines when it comes to aging. Look at many men (minus plastic surgery) we do age better with time. It may not be all physical but mentally we mature and that makes us that more appealing to women. Also it is much easier for us to turn fat into muscle or to keep of pounds (holler at your boy testosterone yaaa boyyy). I can say that I feel much more fitter, healthier and better then I did at 18-24. At 25 I thought it would be game over, I was dead wrong. The fun just starts now. So to all the under 25 crowd get used to working out or being healthy so you do not have to climb a mountain later on in life. To those over….time is all not lost you have much more years ahead of you so get on it.

Be the robust red wine, or the soothing white wine. Or if your like me that fresh moscato that guys hate on and girls end up loving.


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