999HP and the San Diego Fighting Game Club Present: NERD REACTOR 2: BOARD GAMES AND CRAZY MADNESS!

I’ll admit, I made that title up.  Yesterday was 999HP‘s birthday, and being the classy guy that he is, he decided to host a videogame tournament in support of sick children.  The event was covered REALLY REALLY WELL on twitch.tv and via the boys at Gigaventure, so the links I’ve provided will send you to those pictures (when they’re uploaded).

What I’ve got here is what happens when a few people decide to gather for board games.  WHO NEEDS ELECTRICITY AMIRITE?!  Though after the game, the discussion got mad crazy.

Biggie ups to TX3017, lenejenius, kawaii_kupo, kupomatic, ferrisb1, richandcreamy, and the crew of Gigaventure.  Stay up.



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