Crossing Over – SSB X Jabronie Pictures (Pow!)

You’ve got a geek blog that’s too bro’d out for its own good.  You’ve got a studio that’s known for hard-hitting action.  What do you get when you combine the two together?

Anti-KuyaZone madness.

That’s right, Strawberry Scented Burnout and Jabronie Pictures (the studio behind the tokusatsu series “Battle Hero Absolute”) are teaming up to bring you more hard-hitting geek action while fighting off the denizens of the KuyaZone!  SSB will be providing behind-the-scenes coverage of Battle Hero Absolute and maybe a few of us will be appearing in future episodes.  Some of the Battle Hero characters will be appearing in SSB!  Be prepared.

Bite the pillow, WE’RE GOING IN DRY.

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