Twitchy’s Anime Rocking Chair – The Animix Project.

Back in 2003, a group of people from decided to get together to make an anime music video.  On April 4, 2004, the video was finally released.  Using a 1990’s dance megamix as their soundtrack, over 100 AMV editors banded together to make an anime music video that ran for one hour.   This is where things get kinda crazy.  You have to remember that the average anime fan’s attention span is rather small.  How did the creators of this AMV deal with the length?

Simple.  They used a ton of anime series, and each clip doesn’t go over one minute.  Plus, the video was skilfully edited together so it all just flows.  All you see is the goodness.

I’ll admit that the video is a little dated now, but it’s still fun to watch.  And I’m a huge fan of 90’s eurodance/techno songs.  Double win.

I’ve tried to get into contact with the head of the animix project, but I haven’t been successful as of yet.

I first saw this during my stint with the Southwestern College Anime and Games/Pacific Media Club.  Ahhh…memories.


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