2 years ago….

Two years ago I bid farewell to Mitchell International, a company where I served as a car parts  technical editor for 3 years.  The job went well, but hey, shit happens and I moved on.  I wound up going to Coleman University and I graduated this past year on my birthday.  During those two years, I was pretty much broke.  :P.  While scrimping and saving (sorta), I did some pretty crazy things and met some amazing people.  You people helped me stay sane throughout this two year period and now that I’m working, shit’s gonna be craaaazy.

There’s many people that I want to thank, but I’ve gotta go down the list.

To my fam and the wolfpack : You guys spent the most time with me, talkin’ with me and keeping me motivated.  Your words, actions, deeds, and late night cruises kept me going.  Thanks!  This is only the beginning.

To Team Mixed Nuts : You all believed in me, and I believed in all of you.  Shit’s gonna get real now.  For serious.

Korea Daily/Kkonnect : You gave this writer a chance to do something not totally comic-related, and I’m forever grateful.

The Anime Compton Mafia 187 ice cold killagangstas : Being a volunteer coordinator for Anime Conji was a blast.  I met some cool as fuck people.

Jabronie Pictures/Almost Good Films: Getting involved with filmmakers such as yourselves has opened my eyes.

And last but not least….SDAFF : Joining SDAFF in 2011 was an amazing experience.  Working with so many creative and motivated people led me to most of these groups.  I can’t even begin to say how grateful I am.  Not only that, but my own Team Mixed Nuts has grown as well.  So to all the SDAFF-heads out there…I thank you.

Shit’s gonna get crazy, people.  Serious.


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