Darkstalkers and Awkward Boners


I remember being a kid (maybe 6 or 7) and walking into the arcade and seeing a huge crowd of dudes huddled around a arcade machine. I didn’t see anyone actually playing the game…just watching the game intro…That was the first time I was introduced to Morrigan and Felicia.


“Holy Crap!? can they do that? that cat girl has like, nothing on”

hence the Title above…
Darkstalkers was HUUUGE back in the day. cool characters, fast paced combo fighting action, Morrigan, classic Capcom art and game play, AND Morrigan! then after a while they simply just disappeared. fast forward to the present and it looks like Capcom may have been dipping into the imagination of Suda 51 for this teaser: showcasing what may turn out to be a brand-new Darkstalkers game. There were rumblings that Capcom would be announcing a brand new entry into the franchise: a prospect which instantly distracted me from anything of genuine importance in my life. Imagine my disappointment when I awoke to the news of there being an 360/PSN re-release of two of the original Darkstlakers titles on the horizon: in smudgy, stretched HD. Then, if you don’t mind me hi-jacking your mind again, imagine my excitement when I came home to this teaser! Oh, the joy! How it poured out of me.

This looks like some Street Fighter IV influenced goodness right here and I’m hoping that they’re going to bring with it some solid, one-on-one, traditional gameplay that’ll help me forget how terrible I am at Street Fighter X Tekken. If this is just another cruel tease, well, I still get to enjoy that guy loudly proclaiming his love for Yoshinori Ono at the end of the clip. Ono is the grown man in the Chun Li costume, by the way.

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