Turkey with a side of Pepper Spray

Hi, Hello, Greetings and Salutations, how was your Thanksgiving? whatever.

With Thanksgiving over, the Christmas season is now officially underway, and with that comes the traditional pepper spraying, shooting, and stabbing of holiday shoppers. What, that’s not tradition where you’re from? Oh it’s not traditional here either? Well, it unfortunately might be now. in recent years, shoppers intending to capitalize on Black Friday deals had more to deal with than just long lines, as people across the country were injured in attempts to get survival necessities like PS3’s and waffle makers.

A woman who pepper sprayed over twenty people in a Los Angeles-area Walmart in order to get to a crate of XBOX 360’s. Though really, can you blame her? Those things go fast. And apparently, a security guard in North Carolina also pepper sprayed customers looking for various electronics. Two bucks says he’s from Davis.


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