Cello’s and Lightsabers

Back, back, way back I had a problem identifying with groups of people in HS and College. On one hand I played sports, was SOMEWHAT popular, had a decent fashion sense, proper hygiene, an ear for underground hip hop, a girlfriend. I never really considered myself a “cool kid” On the other hand I was REALLY into anime, D&D, 2D fighting games, and comics. I guess you can say I was conflicted. Conflicted until the day I met Twitch

Twitch basically showed me that it’s cool to be a hybrid. So when most people would watch the video I posted below, I’m sure some people would say “that’s the nerdiest thing i’ve ever seen” When hybrids, like myself watch. I’m sure we can all agree that that’s the coolest thing we’ve seen.

Dance/Electro Cello Star Wars music? yes please

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