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Crafted in some deep, abysmal, iron kettle in the shadows of Staten Island, 9 original practitioners of rhyme from the hells of urban plight to lace unforgettable dungeon instrumentals with vibrant tales of their everyday life. Wu Tang easily made it’s way into my top 3 ‘Greatest Rap Groups of All Time’ list.

Method Man

Method Man is not my favorite member of the group (That title belongs to Raekwon) but It would be impossible not to mention his colorful career.  Originally the Clan member donned in dirt biking gloves and a ridiculous assortment of Busta Rhymes-esq headwear, Method Man went on to release a number of mainstream singles, star in Hollywood pieces, put together what I feel was a pretty horrid television show and still retain the raw energy that made him Meth. Method Man was hard…and then he did this

We can argue all we want about Supreme Clientele vs Only Built for Cuban Linx because Method Man has now made every Wu released album/track obsolete.  ‘The Worlds Gone Sour‘ is a homage to Sour Patch Kids. In an interesting bit of marketing they’ve taken a rebellious route and allowed Meth to spit a not-so-kiddie-friendly rap (penis pumps are mentioned). According to the track, Sour Patch kids are a scrappy bunch of pricks who like fucking with you. Not exactly screamin’ out  Shaolin, but this doesn’t surprise me coming from the star of Fox’s Method and Red.

4 thoughts on “METHOD MAN vs SOUR PATCH KIDS

    • thanks for stopping by the blog and taking time to read my post. It’s funny you mention Ice Cream. I kept thinking about how far Wu Tang has come since then. the times is changin’

      i also checked your blog. nice taste in REAL music. make sure you follow us and check out my next music post

      • Thanks! Music posts are my cup of tea, and music writing is one of my nerdy passions. I’m actually thinking of blogging more myself. I’ll be looking forward to reading your stuff!

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