My Oasis.

Being as busy as I am now, what with managing SSB, the demands of work and school, and still finding enough time to engage myself in the things that make me…ME, I realize the importance of having an Oasis.  A place to find my center.  A place to be me.

The first place?  It’s gonna have to be my room.  It’s where I sleep and keep all my stuff.  I’ve got a fuckton of Anime, Manga, Videogames, artbooks of the previous items, some figurines, DVD’s, BluRays…it’s your typical geek haven.  It’s messy.   But being in here brings me peace.  Although as of late, I find myself doing work in here too.

The second place?  My taekwondo dojang.  Here, I can focus on my taekwondo training, and get some much-needed exercise in.  Having a key to the place also helps.

Third?  Min Sok Chon.  Obviously.  It’s one of my favorite spots to unwind after a hard week of work.  And Applebee’s too.  Their happy hour is bomb diggity.  Alcohol and food makes me very happy.  Among other things.

The last place?  Palomar Mountain.  My good friend Ryan Day once told me, “Nothing like getting into your car and simply driving nowhere.”  I found that road on accident when I just wanted to wander around for a bit.  Since then, Palomar Mountain’s North Grade Road and the East Grade run are my places to let my car loose.

One of the few places I can let loose.

One of the few places I can let loose.

So there you have it.  The places where I find myself.  And where I find….myself.  What about you all?  Where are your oases?

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