It’s time for a new segment on SSB.  I’m calling this….COOL GEEKY SHIT!   Here, we’ll focus on cool geeky shit that’s….local.  So maybe, LCGS?  Ehhhh, we’ll stick with CGS.  I’ve got a few things I’d like to showcase, so let me start with something from my homie Anthony Hom.

Anthony is a chiptune wizard that likes to dress up in banana suits.  Seriously.  I met him at last year’s San Diego Asian Film Festival, when he was wearing a banana suit.  Since then, he’s introduced me to the wonderful world of local chiptune music, and this video (which he directed) is an aural and visual feast.  Don’t take my word for it, here it is.

Next up is a short little fight scene from one of my “Saturday Striking!” students, Fernando Jay Huerto.  He put together a video in which Little Mac fights against Ryu.  I won’t spoil the results…but for people that know Fernando…well, let’s just say it plays out like it usually does.

Support your local geeks! Check this shit out!

this is not a toilet

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