An Anime Conji plug, among other things.


477750_10150661854814035_2029012070_oAnime Conji.  San Diego’s only anime convention.  You might be wondering what a small website like ours has to do with this anime convention?  Well…a few things.

For one thing, I’m one of the volunteer coordinators.  And yes, we are recruiting.  Interested?  Sound off in the comments, and I WILL RESPOND.  Serious.

The volunteer department’s mascots are named “twitchy” and “gatcha”, both named for the first volunteer coordinators.  Myself and Gail I.  GAIL!  SHOUTOUT TO YOU!  I KNOW YOU READ THIS!  THANKS SO MUCH!!

So I think you all should go to this convention and say hi to us.  Neggy and Ro will be there taking pictures and such.

And before I forget, I wanna give shoutouts to my homies that I met through Anime Conji:

  • @whitedarryl
  • @kaleionapua
  • @vince85
  • @flareboost
  • @elfgrove
  • @mgshogun
  • @richandcreamy
  • @eyemusing
  • @kawaii_kupo
  • @kupomatic

If you’re not gonna volunteer, you can still go.  Real talk.  Here’s the link.


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