The Japanese Think of Everything: The Hangover Miracle in a Bottle

ImageSo, last night you had too much fun–this morning? Not so much. Whether your reasons are “I shouldn’t have had that last shot. or two.”–OR it’s from downing way too much liquid courage as you paced the bar/club/event attempting to talk to that girl across the room. I won’t judge you, but I will share a secret with you.

Wanna know how all those Japanese business men can survive drinking all night long and functioning the next morning? Well, here it is. Ukon no Chikara. It’s a turmeric “shot” that they drink BEFORE they start their night or the next morning for those nasty hangovers. I waited so long to write about this because I wanted to make sure it worked, tried and true. Do you get that Asian glow? Try this, it won’t get rid of it but it may tone it down a tad.

The turmeric in this drink actually helps your liver process the alcohol. I’d be a nerd and tell you all the medical reasons why it works but I know you will all do this regardless so I’m saving myself the time. I’ve used it before and after drinking and I swear by this thing. One booze filled weekend, my best friend and I drank these each night and by the end of the weekend, we were the only ones left standing who didn’t puke or have a hangover. On my birthday last month I drank one of these lovely magical potions before my shenanigans and the next morning when I woke up more drunk than when I fell asleep—SAVED.

Give it a go. Let me know what you think. Oh, and if you didn’t know, I’m the Asian health secrets professional here at SSB. I’ll get you geeks into shape in no time. But, that shall be for another entry. In the mean time, party hard my dweebs and dweebettes.

2 thoughts on “The Japanese Think of Everything: The Hangover Miracle in a Bottle

  1. Hi Kamalas,First of all thanks for all your pogsints it is very helpful to for our younger generation like me to try different variety with the healthier foods.Now i am in need of recipe of vengayam ( Onion ) thal can you post it

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