Ke$ha – Warrior



Before I jump into this review, I probably should introduce myself for the 200th time as I should blog more consistently. I am hear to blog about the random pop culture things that are going on and the occasional sport blog. About me you ask? I am the brother of the guy who started this, I think i was brought on for my quick wit and humor. Maybe my bro-cat good looks(look at said picture)?


So the review. Like many of you to me Ke$ha was just some trashy pop music machine and I never gave her a real chance. The single from this album Warrior was Die Young, after my first listen I was hooked and loved it. Then I heard come on and I knew i was hooked on this album just by hearing two songs on the radio. Needless to say, this album is pretty fucking fun. Will it win a grammy? I don’t think so. Weill it go down in history as an album that shaped society? Hell no. Is it an album you want to play when you are having fun or thinking about those wild college days? FUCK YES! This album strikes a cord with that group 25-30 I feel with tracks such as Thinking of You and Wherever You Are which remind us about how we fell in and out of love and wanted to stick it to our ex (or person we happened to be in love with). Then surprisingly songs such as Wonderland, Last Goodbye and Out Alive, make us remember those good old days of when we could live without a care. And how we yearn to be able to do dumb shit without a care of the repercussion.

So in short, if you want a fun hour of music that wants you to party and get white boy/girl wasted and remind of you when you the people you fell in love during those hazy days….PICK UP THIS ALBUM.

Favorite Tracks (other than radio singles) – Thinking of You, Wherever You Are, Wonderland, Last Good Bye and Out Alive.



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