Social Media Blackout Day #1 – It feels weird.

Allowing Neggy to let this bet commence is weird.  I can’t status update or anything.  It feels like I’m detached from the world.  Recently I started thinking about how things were 10 years ago.  Before Facebook.  Hell…I think Friendster was still around.  Myspace was the big thing.  I can remember being 19 going on 20.  My car was a 1991 Toyota Camry LE v6.  I was well on my way to becoming an otaku, though Mae stopped that from happening.  Sort of.

What would 19-year old me say to me now?

Hang on, I just beat Sakura’s World tour in Street Fighter Alpha 3.



It’s a strange feeling to let go of all my outgoing connections.  Throughout my whole life, I was always the one that made my presence known, for better or worse.  I was never content to sit on the sidelines, I loved talking and being around people.  I suppose that lead to me to being who I am now.

Being forced to sit on the sidelines watching….this is one of the toughest things I’ve ever had to do.  And I took a pretty nasty beating a couple days ago.

I guess what I’m most afraid of is people forgetting that I exist.  I think that goes for most people, actually.

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