Social Media Blackout Day #2 – Tunak Tunak Tun Edition

After work, Coach Caine told me to double-fist these pre-workout energy drinks that they were giving out at The Boxing Club.  After spending some time on the elliptical and lots of bagwork, with some weights and crunches thrown in there for good measure, I think I’m shaking off the rest of that ring rust.  Either that or those energy drinks were pretty good.

My arms are pretty exhausted.  The same can be said of my entire upper body.  Getting used to the shock of punching things repeatedly is fun, but man, it hurts.  Kicking the heavy bags took a toll on my legs as well.  They were pretty red.

1354197175032I don’t know which train I’d rather be a part of.  That JoJo train is pretty manly.

So how am I doing?  With this whole, non-social networking thing?  It feels weird.  Like I’m really just another person.  Anonymous.

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