Be inspired. (Yeah, I know that’s Fairtex’s line. I rock that brand too.)

I was talkin’ with my boy Andrew earlier tonight, and he’s totally into his new training regimen at “The Boxing Club”.  He was telling me about the classes he’s gonna be taking, workouts he’s planning, and the diet he’s currently on.  It sounds like I lit a fire under his butt.  It’s a good thing.

Throughout your life, you have to ask yourself, what inspires you?  A life lived without inspiration is…pretty fuckin’ boring.

This website is a tangible representation of the things that inspire me, all in one place.  Every one of these creators has a different set of inspirational sources, and I sincerely hope that you readers can be inspired in turn.  Who knows, maybe one of you will create a webmangazine like ours, with a slightly different flavor.  Why not?


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